Welcome to the Official Flippy Flopper™ Website! We are excited that you have found us. This patented, interactive toss and fetch toy has been a best seller for almost two decades. Not only is it made of soft rubber so it’s safe for dog’s teeth but it’s also durable enough to withstand hours and hours of play time!

While you are here please take a look at some of the testimonials from happy Flippy Flopper™ customers. If you would like to be added on our list please email us a small picture of your dog enjoying their Flippy Flopper™ and a short testimonial at sales@roseam.com.

Please see the following list of authorized Online Flippy Flopper™ dealers below:
*Clean Run Productions - Massachusetts 800-311-6503 www.cleanrun.com
*Friendly Frisbee - Michigan 888-647-9571 www.theflippyflopper.com
*Jolly Puppy - Florida 561-427-7072 www.jollypuppy.com
*Old Miakka Trading Post - Florida 941-809-4492 www.oldmiakkatradingpost.net
*Pet Source.com - 877-247-4633 www.pet-source.com
Valley Vet - Kansas 800-356-1005 www.valleyvet.com
*Wag-N-Train LLC - Pennsylvania 800-427-5946 www.wagntrainllc.com
Wham Universal - Rhode Island 800-369-9394 www.whamuniversal.com

* These Retailers have both the 9in and 6in Flippy Floppers In Stock!

If you happen to be in the area here are more authorized Flippy Flopper dealers:
The Country Seed, Inc. - Rhinelander, WI 715-362-7333

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Here is what other happy Flippy Flopper™ owners had to say:

So many Frisbees and so little time.  Sadie loves these Flippy Floppers.  Her very favorite thing to do is to catch them and she is very good at it.  When I come home from work she is waiting in the yard with one in her mouth and a hopeful look on her face that I can’t resist.  I like them because they are strong but soft and light weight enough that they don’t hurt her mouth.  I just purchased 11 more because we didn’t finally wear out the 11 we bought a few years ago.  They are well used.  I wish I could buy them locally, too. - Patty

Hi!  My name is Jake and I am a 4 year old Labrador Retriever.  My
favorite toy is my flippy flopper!  As you can see from my picture I have
worn mine out and it is time to get a new one!  I beg my mom & dad 20
times a day to take me outside so I can play fetch with my flippy flopper!
Thank you for making the flippy flopper!  Woof Woof – Jake, Mt. Ulla, NC

I have been searching for you. My dog Martha (black and white dog in the picture) is a Frisbee machine, but she does not like any other Frisbee but yours. I used to buy from Walmart, and they don't seem to carry your Frisbees anymore. I literally went there just for the Frisbees. I don't go much anymore since they stopped carrying your Frisbees. I have bought several other types of Frisbees for her, to no avail…… she'd have nothing to do with them. So I'd gone searching for you. I found you! - Joy

Our dog Max loves the Flippy Flopper.  It's his favorite toy.  It is so easy to throw, our kids love to throw it for Max and watch him jump to catch it.

Paker has received 2 to 3 new Flippy Floppers every year for each of his 9 years. These are his favorite toys, he is absolutely obsessed with them and he is always, always over-joyed when we go outside to play with them. He loves to catch them, snatch them out of the air and he loves to fetch them - either way, he's a happy dog. - Chiyo

Cruiser loves his Flippy Flopper- obviously by the looks of it!! He wont play with anything else. I love the flippy floppers durability they last forever- this one has been in rotation for 3 yrs and still going!!
Our 2-year-old lab/retriever mix, Miley, doesn't go anywhere without her flippy, including camping trips and backpacking weekends. It's great for rolling up and tucking under a pack strap, then throwing it during a break along the trail. She also "washes" it in the water. She'll push on it with her front feet and walk backwards, scrubbing the flip on the sand bottom. Weirdo dog. Thanks for a great product!
- Chris, Gaylord MI

Hi my name is Dewdle. I'm a Goldendoodle and I am finally big enought to cary my own Flippy Flopper. My owner has bought these for all of his other kids over the years but now he can't find them at any Walmart...........I wonder why? They are sooooooooo much fun........even in the lake.

Thought you might like to see these. some are with her Flippy Flopper. She gets quite into her toys! - Jenny
Willow is my 8 year old Golden Retriever who lives for her Flippy Floppers!  Notice I said Floppers plural? That is because she  does not want just one or two or three, she wants them all!  She won a  years worth of food from one of the Petco's here in San Diego for being "Most  Talented Dog" and it involved your product.  When she was a puppy we  discovered that she was less interested in balls than in the floppers, so we bought her a few, just so that when one wore out she would have a new one right away.  We left them all out one day and came back to discover that she had  them all stacked in her mouth.

She had taught herself how to pick them all  up.  So from that point on we bought more and more and at present she can  fit between 10 to 15 of them in her mouth depending on the condition of the  flopper.  The more beat up they get the softer they get and the more she  can get.  Whenever anyone comes over to the house and sees her doing this  they keep saying she needs to be the new YouTube obsession! Thank you for making Willow's life complete!!

Paula - Imperial Beach, CA

This is Yukon and this is a picture and his favorite toy, the Flippy Flopper while he plays in the snow. - Matt
I wanted to share these great photos with you - We love the Flippy Flopper - it stands up to a lot of abuse from my frisbee-loving lab, Stella. Thank you! - Patricia, Edwardsville, IL
Thought you'd like to know how much my dog loves her Flippy Flopper (all of them, actually). First thing when I awake, she's there with it, saying, "Oh good, you're up! Now we can play!" When I buy her a new one, she gets so excited, and it doesn't leave her side/(mouth?) for a few days! You've got a great product at a reasonable price. Thank you! - JoEllen, Livermore, CA We just had to tell you how much Jake loves your Flippy Flopper. Whenever any of us go out into the back yard with him it's the first toy he brings us to throw, every time! Thank you! - Pat, KS
Dear BMB, My dog Bully is crazy over your toy!! He can't get enough! We are now on our 4th one in 4 years. Thank you for making such a safe and Happy play product! - Karie
Sevin is going to be delighted to get another flippy flopper!  You can often see him in the morning ... charging up and down the beach with his precious toy, he sometimes won’t even let it go when he’s swimming, it is his favorite thing and he always grabs it in anticipation if he thinks anyone is going to the beach. - Vivienne, Paia, HI Hello Flippy Flopper makers, Thanks for making such a great product! I am teaching my 3 month old pups to play frisbee and caught a great photo of them with the Flippy Flopper. - Brigette, CA
"I'm Harley Earl. I take my Flippy Flopper with me on boat rides and I can really fly and catch my Flippy Flopper when I play on the beach! I enjoy hangin' with my family and livin' life to the fullest with my Flippy!" - Monroe GA

Lexi has always been a Flippy Flopper girl!...as soon as you say "frisbee" she'll run towards the door doing her butt wiggle...She will play every day until she is tired and then lay down with it still in her mouth. This is the best frisbee out there! Thanks for providing hours of fun and exercise for out pup! - Niki WILL WORK FOR FLIPPY FLOPPERS
This is the best frisbee (toy) ever!!! Our dog (Casey) has loved a dozen of them to death. Not in a destructive way - rather over-use and over-loved. We have several stashed around our home in MN and several more under the seat of our dog's golf cart in FL. I'm not kidding!!! This is his favorite toy of all!!!
Our rat terrier mix shelter rescue, Ellie, is always happiest when the Flippy Flopper is flying through the air for her to catch. - Meredith & Brian

Hey BMB Pet! Our names are Wyatt and Hailey! We just wanted to let you know how much we love your Flippy Floppers! We go through at least one a week with playing tug and just running and chasing the frisbees in our backyard. Thank you so much for making the best frisbees in the world! Lots of love! - Wyatt and Hailey, Columbia, SC

My dogs Love this toy we are on our second one! I have a video on youtube.com titled Hanks new Frisbee they went crazy over it. - Todd, FL

My name is Annie and my favorite toy is the Flippy Flopper!! I play with it for hours upon end. I play with the Flippy Flopper so much that I have gone through three. Although these are very durable toys, I seem to have found a way to wear this one out and I caught it in a
very humorous manner! - Annie, Lisa & Tyson, KS

We love your flippy flopper, it doesn't break our dogs teeth, it also was very easy for us to train our dog to catch it. Thanks for such a great product, it is our dogs favorite toy! Dar & Ria

Here are couple pics of my boys and their flippy floppers, they just love them and carry them all the time. I was glad to find your web site and listings of places to purchase, the local store only has them during the summer and living in Texas we can play all year round. Thanks again and can not wait for my order to arrive so the guys can get new flippy floppers. - Colleen, TX

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